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Beadable Bliss

Cube Silicone Letter Beads, Square Shape, 12mm

Cube Silicone Letter Beads, Square Shape, 12mm

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  • Vibrant lettering options let you customize any message
  • Smooth texture enhances relaxing handcraft sessions
  • Hypoallergenic beads are safe for all skin types
  • Stand out luminous style perfect for low light locations
  • Non-luminous cubes suit daytime daylight designs

Glow in the Dark Bead Projects

Non-Luminous Bead Ideas

  • Spice up scrapbooks, memory boards with bright letter art
  • Embellish tote bags, water bottles, accessories
  • String as keychains spelling out names, initials
  • Include in glitter jars, Mason jars as decorative elements
  • add custom flair to hats, hoodies, other apparel


  • Love how versatile these beads are for varied styles
  • 12mm size incorporates seamlessly into detailed patterns
  • Bright inks maintain vibrancy through multiple DIY projects
  • Smooth texture enhances fun, relaxing hands-on creativity
  • Highly recommended base for customized personalized crafts!

Closing Remarks

 Whether you prefer luminosity or classic daylight designs, Cube Silicone Letter Beads, 12mm, Luminous or Non Luminous, Glow in the Dark offer endless opportunities for DIY self-expression. Their superior quality lends unique bespoke pieces.


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