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Frida Mexican Painter Silicone Focal Beads

Frida Mexican Painter Silicone Focal Beads

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Iconic Artist Celebrated & Authentic silhouettes

  • Features Frida Mexican Painter Silicone Focal Beads the world renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in her famous head wrap and lip embellishment.
  • Likeness skillfully captured from photos to precision detail the beads of a collectors piece.

Cultural Appreciation

  • Honors Frida's impact promoting Mexican heritage, feminism and creative spirit.

Stackable Sizing & Materials

  • 7-10 mm diameters great to layer, wear alone or use in DIY projects.
  • Top grade silicone safe for sensitive skin, colors hold up wash after wash.

Bold Color Variations

  • Spice up jewelry mixing classic blue-green or experimental neon colorways.

Endless Style Mixing

DIY Jewelry Kits

  • Assemble Frida with complementary beads for handmade earrings, bracelets etc.

Gift Giving Wisdom

  • Thoughtful present for admirers of art, Mexican culture or strong women icons.

Art Studio Inspiration

  • Display collection for appreciation or take Frida on artistic adventures.

Crafting Conversations

  • Share Frida's legacy of resilience, self expression through meaningful accessories.

Officially Licensed Design

  • Made under official license, fans approve authenticity over alternatives.

The Frida Mexican Painter Silicone Focal Beads honor this acclaimed artist through beautifully designed beads. They make a notable addition to any collection celebrating Mexican culture and passionate personalities through accessible creative works.

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