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Hope Butterfly Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm

Hope Butterfly Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm

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If you're looking to add some whimsical beauty to your jewelry designs, look no further than our Hope Butterfly Silicone Focal Beads. These lovely focal beads measure 26mm by 9mm and feature delicate butterfly designs that are sure to delight.
The Hope Butterfly Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm are made of flexible and durable silicone, so they're perfect for creating bracelets, necklaces, keychains and more. The material is soft but strong, so your creations will hold up well to regular wear. Silicone is also hypoallergenic, making these focal beads a great choice for jewelry that sits against the skin.

Pop against the translucent silicone background

The colors and details of the butterfly designs really pop against the translucent silicone background. There are six different patterns to choose from, including pink butterflies, blue butterflies, purple butterflies and more. The wings have etched vein details for an ultra-realistic look. These pretty butterflies are perfect for spring and summer designs, or any project where you want to add a touch of whimsy.
In addition to their lovely appearance, the 26mm by 9mm size of these focal beads makes them very versatile for all kinds of projects. Their elongated teardrop shape works well as a focal point on bracelets, pairing nicely with smaller round beads or seed beads. The length of the focal beads also enables them to be showcased as charms on necklaces, handbags and more.

Silicone Focal Beads open up lots of possibilities

For jewelry makers and crafters, our Hope Butterfly Silicone Focal Beads open up lots of possibilities. Here are just a few ideas:
  • Charm bracelets - Use one or more of the focal beads as whimsical charms on a bracelet. Mix and match with other silicone beads or metal charms.
  • Necklace pendants - Make a statement pendant by using one of these focal beads on a cord or chain. Add smaller beads or crystals for accents.
  • Wine glass markers - Adorn stemless wine glasses with a focal bead for easy guest identification at parties.
  • Bag charms - Sew a focal bead onto a handbag, tote or backpack as a pretty decorative charm.
  • Keychains - Create cute mini keychains using the butterfly focal beads, perfect for kids and teens.
  • Ornaments - These focal beads can make lovely Christmas tree ornaments! Hang them singly or make themed sets.
  • Plant markers - Use the bright colors and fun shapes to mark plants in your garden.
When working with the Hope Butterfly Silicone Focal Beads, high-quality glue is recommended to ensure a lasting bond. E6000 adhesive works extremely well for attaching the beads to other materials and surfaces. Regular craft glues like hot glue can also be used.
For the best deals, shop online for multi-packs of the Hope Butterfly Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm. Most bead and jewelry supply stores sell these in sets of a dozen or more, allowing you to stock up on your favorite patterns and colors. Expect to pay around $10-12 for a set, making these an affordably priced supply for your jewelry projects.

Let these colorful focal beads help you spread your wings

If you love butterflies and want to make jewelry, accessories and crafts with an imaginative flair, be sure to check out the Hope Butterfly Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm. Their flexibility, durability and lovely designs will appeal to crafters of all ages and skill levels. Let these colorful focal beads help you spread your wings and fly with creativity!
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