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Not Perfect Just Forgiven Cross Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm

Not Perfect Just Forgiven Cross Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm

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The Not Perfect Just Forgiven Cross Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm are a unique and stylish accessory for jewelry making. These high quality beads feature a cross design with the inspiring message "Not Perfect Just Forgiven", making them perfect for faith-inspired jewelry.

High Quality Silicone Construction

Not Perfect Just Forgiven Cross Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm are constructed from flexible and durable silicone that provides a smooth, glossy finish. Silicone is an ideal material for jewelry components because it is strong yet flexible enough to string on necklaces and bracelets. It is also hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

The cross design stands out in crisp detail on the surface of the bead. The inspirational message "Not Perfect Just Forgiven" is printed across the horizontal beam of the cross. The beads measure 26mm by 9mm for a substantial focal point on any jewelry design.

Inspiring Message for Faith-Based Jewelry

The uplifting message of "Not Perfect Just Forgiven" makes these exclusive silicone focal beads ideal for faith-based jewelry. The saying acknowledges our imperfections as humans while emphasizing the power of forgiveness. For those who live by their spiritual principles, these beads make a meaningful addition to rosaries, mala beads, necklaces and more.

The focal beads can be mixed and matched with other colored beads for a unique, character silicone focal bead look. Try combining with natural wood beads for an earthy style or metallic beads for shine. The inspirational message beads also pair nicely with symbol beads like crosses and hearts.

Design Possibilities with Focal Beads

The substantial size of these 26mm by 9mm focal beads allows them to make a bold statement in any jewelry project. The elongated, oval shape gives jewelry designers flexibility in placement and arranging patterns. Here are some design possibilities with these meaningful beads:

  • Feature as the centerpiece bead on a rosary or mala prayer bead strand
  • Use as end caps on a beaded necklace for prominent display of the cross design
  • Incorporate into a charm bracelet as the showstopping central charm
  • Display vertically on a lariat necklace as a hanging focal point

The inspirational message beads provide plenty of character and visual interest on their own. But for more unique Disney style, they can be combined with Disney character beads like Mickey heads, princess crowns, and more. The cross message beads will pop beautifully against the bright colors and images of favorite Disney characters.

High Quality Yet Affordable Materials

Top quality silicone focal beads can be expensive and difficult to source. These Not Perfect Just Forgiven cross beads are an affordable alternative, providing striking and meaningful detail without the high price tag. The durable silicone construction ensures longevity of use, even with regular wear.

Silicone is also lightweight compared to glass or gemstone focal beads. This reduces overall weight on necklaces and bracelets, increasing comfort during all day wear. For jewelry makers and crafters, these meaningful beads deliver premium quality and design at a budget-friendly price point.

Simple to Incorporate in Jewelry Making

While metal beads require crimping and special pliers, these silicone cross beads can be easily incorporated using basic jewelry making supplies. Their flexible silicone construction allows them to string directly onto beading wire for necklaces and bracelets. They also fit comfortably on stretch cords for a no-fuss option.

The large focal bead hole size of approximately 2.5mm wide accommodates most common jewelry making cords and wires. Options include:

  • Beading wire
  • Hemp/nylon cord
  • Elastic stretch cord
  • Leather cords
  • Silk/satin cords

Even beginners can achieve a high-end, professional looking result. The bold Not Perfect Just Forgiven Cross focal beads do all the hard work!

An Inspiring and Thoughtful Gift

Share the uplifting message of our cross silicone beads with faith-based gift ideas for loved ones. Here are some inspiring gift giving ideas:

  • Grace beads or mala bead bracelet featuring the cross focal beads
  • Personalized leather cord bracelet with name bead
  • Bold recycled glass bead necklace with cross bead centerpiece
  • Classic charm bracelet with cross bead highlight

The not perfect, just forgiven sentiment makes these focal beads an especially thoughtful gift for milestones like baptism, first communion and confirmation. Or create a custom piece with colors and beads holding special meaning between giver and recipient.

Whatever the occasion, this exclusive Not Perfect Just Forgiven Cross Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm makes a meaningful statement with its symbolic cross design and inspiring message. The high quality silicone construction ensures your gift will be treasured for years to come.

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