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OH Santa Claus Christmas Silicone Focal Beads

OH Santa Claus Christmas Silicone Focal Beads

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What are they?

  • OH Santa Claus Christmas Silicone Focal Beads shaped like Santa Claus for Christmas crafting and art projects.
  • Soft, non-toxic silicone beads detailed with 3D printed Santa face and hat details.
  • Provides hours of tactile stimulation while working on holiday cards, paintings etc.

Easy DIY Stress Reliever

  • Make your own DIY stress ball by filling the bead with rice or beans.
  • Use a hot glue gun to seal it for portable hand therapy anywhere.
  • Great for Secret Santa gifts filled with candy/small toys for happy surprises.

Suitable for All Ages

  • Kids enjoy identifying beads during arts and playtime.
  • Adults benefit from relieving hand fatigue during baking, gift-wrapping sessions.
  • Seniors appreciate the nostalgic Christmas memory evoked by the beads.

Review of OH Santa Claus Christmas Beads

  • Durable OH Santa Claus Christmas Silicone Focal Beads retain crisp details even after weeks of use.
  • Provides just enough pressure to target specific pressure points for relief.
  • Doesn't hinder natural hand/wrist movements required for activities.
  • Great value for enjoying the holiday spirit all year round.

Perfect Stocking Stuffers

  • Fill little ones stockings with beads and coloring books for cozy craft time.
  • Teachers can use them to engage young students during holiday lessons.
  • Gift creative friends stress relievers for productive art sessions.

Display Year After Year

  • Decorate the Christmas tree by stringing beads on delicate thread or wire.
  • Display in gift baskets, planters alongside holly and pine cones.
  • Collect different characters every year for cheerful desk/workspace decor.


OH Santa Claus Christmas Silicone Focal Beads are adorable additions for any craft table, workspace or homes during the festive season. They relieve tension through playful fidgeting while bringing yuletide spirit. Definitely worth adding to your Christmas décor, gifts or stockings every year!

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