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White & Black Flower with Letter C Silicone Focal Beads

White & Black Flower with Letter C Silicone Focal Beads

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Introduction to Floral Letter Beads

  • These unique beads pair flowers with an embroidered letter
  • Marry the natural beauty of flora with personalized initials
  • Yin yang black and white petals form a balanced bouquet
  • Prominently features one capital letter for names or messages
  • Perfect for any crafter looking to add floral customization

Elegant Ying Yang Flower Design

  • Artistic White & Black Flower with Letter C Silicone Focal Beads flower silhouette
  • Petals arranged in opposing complementary circles
  • Forms an aesthetic symbol of balance and duality
  • Subtle yin yang elements of dark and light
  • Elegant botanical design attracts the eye as a focal piece

Features a Prominent Letter C

  • Centered letter stands out clearly from petal backdrop
  • Embroidered with care ensuring clean edges and curves
  • Ranges of font styles from classic to more creative styles
  • Also comes in other initial options like A, B, D and beyond
  • Custom letters available for special names and words

Top-quality Silicone Material Of White & Black Flower with Letter C Silicone Focal Beads

  • Soft yet durable silicone rubber won't crack or break
  • Bendable and retains shape through wear and tear
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types White & Black Flower with Letter C Silicone Focal Beads
  • Will not fade or stain when properly cared for
  • Food grade material safe for pendants/jewelry

Craft and Jewelry Applications

  • Focal accents for beaded bracelets and necklaces
  • Embroidery embellishments and scrapbooking pieces
  • Attach to notebooks, bags, clothing and accessories
  • String on lanyards or add to keychains
  • Incorporate into polymer clay creations

Personalize-able Custom Options

  • Special letter or monogram requests considered
  • Personalized sizes, colors and number quantities
  • Custom embroidery designs and unique combinations
  • Engraved pieces for unique commissioned gifts
  • One of a kind creations to specific buyer's tastes

Meaningful Gift Ideas

  • For friends and loved ones' birthdays and holidays
  • Baptism, communion, and other religious milestones
  • Monogrammed jewelry for mothers, daughters, spouses
  • Give the gift of beautiful botanical individuality
  • Custom orders for unique, thoughtful tributes

Wholesale Deals Available

  • Competitive quantity discounts on bulk purchases
  • Save money shopping wholesale instead of retail
  • Professional resellers welcome for drop shipping
  • Fast turnaround on custom bulk orders
  • Affordable minimums to purchase in large varieties

Overall, these White & Black Flower with Letter C Silicone Focal Beads make a refined and customized addition to any beading, floral or crafty project. Their botanical dualism design paired with personalized letters offer a unique flair.

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