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Wooden Beads with Letters

Wooden Beads with Letters

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Silicone focal beads for pens are a great addition to your beaded pens nowadays. People absolutely love them. 

While it is still possible to make custom silicone focal beads, it often requires paying a mold fee and a certain amount of order for the design, usually around at least 1000 pieces. We specialize in pre-made character silicone focal beads. 

Suppose you are looking for the best silicone focal beads prices in the market. In that case, we highly suggest you try us because we offer silicone focal beads at wholesale prices. But they are also available in retail quantities. We also have pre-made random mixes of popular topics. 

Our new silicone focal beads are available in the new arrivals catalog on our website. We also offer a mix of them with specific topics of your choice.

Silicone focal beads wholesale pricing is available for orders of a single item with over 1000 pieces. You can let us know how many items you would like so we can quote for bulk orders accordingly.

About This Focal Bead

This product features a ciruclar design in the shape of wooden and it’s available in a single colors. 

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Turnaround time is 1-3 days. 

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1-What are focal beads used for?

They are used for decorating customizable beaded items, including beadable pens, beadable pencils, beadable stylus pens, bottle openers, and so many more.

2-What are silicone beads used for?

As they are skin-friendly, silicone beads are used in a wide selection of jewelry and DIY crafts. They are mainly used in beaded pens, beaded pencils, beaded makeup brushes, beaded bracelets, and more.

3-What are silicone beads made of?

They are made of food-safe silicone material.

4-How do you make silicone beaded pens?

You can remove the pen cap easily and decorate your beaded pens according to your customer's demands. All the silicone bead supplies are available on our website.

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