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Highland Cow Sitting Calf Silicone Focal Beads

Highland Cow Sitting Calf Silicone Focal Beads

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Highland cow sitting calf silicone focal beads have become a popular choice among jewelry makers and crafters. These cute beads are in the shape of a baby highland cow sitting down, featuring the fluffy hair and horns that highland cattle are known for. The beads are made of flexible and durable silicone, making them perfect for a variety of jewelry and craft projects.
These focal beads are available on BEADABLEBLISS.COM  and other online retailers, often sold in bulk packs for affordable prices. Crafters love these beads because they add a unique focal point to jewelry designs, providing both cuteness and character. The highland cow shape makes these beads perfect for farmhouse, rustic, or western-inspired designs.

Silicone for jewelry making

Silicone is a great material for jewelry-making because it is flexible, strong, and lightweight. Highland cow sitting calf beads made of silicone hold their shape while also being bendable to work with different materials. The silicone material also provides a smooth finish and won't peel or flake over time.
When purchasing highland cow sitting calf silicone focal beads, jewelry makers have a few options for sizes. Some popular sizes include 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm beads. The 15mm size provides a bolder focal point, while the 10mm size integrates more subtly into designs. Crafters working on children's jewelry often opt for the 10mm or 12mm beads for appropriately sized pieces. 

Cute highland cow beads in bulk

Jewelry makers also appreciate being able to purchase these cute highland cow beads in bulk. Buying bulk bags of 100 or more beads is a cost-effective way to acquire components for multiple jewelry projects. Some great places to find good deals on highland cow sitting calf silicone focal beads in bulk include bead and jewelry supply stores online.
For example, The Silicone Bead Store offers a few options for bulk highland cow beads that can save crafters money. Their 100-pack of 10mm beads comes in a variety of colors like pink, blue, black, and more. Their diverse inventory allows jewelers to get creative with their color palettes.

Incorporating in designs

Bead supply websites like BEADABLEBLISS.COM also carry bulk silicone beads shaped like highland calves. Their 100-pack of 15mm beads features classic black and white cow print for a true highland cow aesthetic. Purchasing cow beads in bulk from suppliers like these allows crafters to stock up on these cute charms for all their farmhouse and southwestern designs.
Once jewelry makers have our highland cow sitting calf silicone focal beads, the fun begins in incorporating them into designs! Here are some tips for using these cute beads in your jewelry and craft projects:
-For pendants, connect a large focal bead to a chain with a bail or jump ring. Add smaller beads for accents.
-Use focal beads for earrings by attaching an ear wire to the top of the bead.
-Incorporate cow beads into charm bracelets for a unique focal charm.
-Thread cow beads alternating with metal spacer beads for a cow-themed anklet or charm bracelet.
-Glue a cow bead to a barrette clip to make a western hair accessory.
-Sew cow beads onto fabric patches or clothing items as embroidered accents.

 Possibilities are endless

The possibilities are endless when you have a supply of our adorable highland cow sitting calf silicone focal beads! Their distinctive cow shape and detail make them a versatile component to enhance all kinds of jewelry, crafts, clothing and accessories. Let your imagination run wild as you work these charming cow beads into your next project.
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